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Hi, I am Finn, a digital marketing consultant in Sacramento, California who specializes in building quality traffic driving websites and reputation management for businesses. In addition to providing these services, my expertise also includes online advertising, email marketing, and social media promotion/management. 


I understand that growing your company can be tough with so much competition out there. That's where I come in... As an experienced freelance marketer, it is my job to lighten the load off of your shoulders and give you back the time to focus on fulfilling your customer/client needs.  Whether it is website design, improving your online reputation, boosting your social media presence, or generating leads through online advertising or email marketing - I've got you!


I’m an honest and positive professional whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. I have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations in growing your business and offer a variety of services customized to fit those needs. While I primarily target small businesses in Sacramento, the beauty of digital marketing is that it can be done from anywhere in the world!

Thank you for visiting my website, have a look around, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!

Nearly nine out of ten (89 percent) consumers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before buying products (Trustpilot, 2020).

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