Digital Marketing in Sacramento
Committed to Excellence

       Helping local small businesses grow has not always been my passion. I grew up in Sacramento and graduated from CSUS with my Master's degree in Special Education in 2015.  Shortly after, I landed my dream job as Special Education Teacher in a full inclusion elementary school serving in a low income neighborhood. I did not know it then, but after experiencing the devastating effects that 2020 had on my Sacramento community, I found myself wanting to do more. 

     Upon witnessing the awful daily news coverage of 2020 and seeing so many people and businesses struggle in my community and the world, I was determined to find a way to help. One of the greatest things I learned while teaching during the pandemic is that I am capable of doing hard things. I discovered that I enjoy finding innovative ways to engage others in learning through technology and was thirsty to continue learning. 

       With an ignited passion to become an expert in the digital world, I began to immerse myself in all the ways I could support those outside of my digital classroom walls. Digital marketing was exactly what I was looking for. With digital marketing, not only am I able to create various types of stunning growth promoting content for businesses, but also use it as an integral tool in helping them grow.

       For a year I spent countless hours learning how to be a successful digital marketer. I took dozens of classes and completed an extensive online program. While these skills that I have learned have brought me far, if there is one thing any digital marketer will tell you, it is that the learning never stops, because technology and the digital world is constantly evolving. 


      I am a digital marketing strategist who wants to help my clients with the services that will make their businesses thrive. I do everything from building high quality and converting websites, boosting online reputation, or creating a strong social media presence. My goal is always to provide services that are tailored for every client so that they may have what suits them best, always putting client relationships over revenue.


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