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28 Positive Affirmations for Success

Positivity is a state of mind which you should develop and maintain in order to truly succeed in your life and business. No matter how much education or skill set you have, without a positive mindset no amount of it will ever allow you to truly succeed.

Success IS a state of mind - it is an attitude and a belief system that can either be limiting and harmful or limitless and bring abundant success.

In order to achieve success in life, a positive attitude is of the utmost importance. By using affirmations, you engage your entire nervous system with the full force of body, mind, and soul to ignite a new physiology and instantly cultivate new limitless beliefs about yourself and your ability to be the person you have always wanted.

If we can discipline our minds and be optimistic about challenges that come along with achieving goals, we will have more strength when it comes time to push through adversity or hit an obstacle head on.

Science says that self-affirmation turns your brain into a happiness factory, making you more likely to be happy and positive.

The study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience used MRI scans to reveal that practicing self affirmation activates one's reward centers in their brains which causes changes within neural pathways leading them to happier moods.

Here is a list of the 28 POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS I speak out loud every single day as a part of my morning routine, I challenge you to do the same.

*TIP play music in the background and say each of these out loud with power, passion, and emotion.

1. I am proud of myself and my success, I have achieved a great deal and this is just the beginning, I feel humbled and honored.

2. I see opportunity everywhere I look. Opportunity is everywhere and it is there for me everyday. I feel overwhelmingly confident and positive everyday with the abundance of opportunity.

3. I am optimistic and filled with enthusiasm, the world continues to reward me at an accelerating rate and I know with conviction that the future ahead of me holds immeasurable happiness and prosperity.

4. I honor my goals and dreams every single day when I show up with positivity and enthusiasm for what I do.

5. I know that I deserve and will have financial security. Money flows into my life easily.

6. Life doesn't happen to me, it happens for me.

7. Everything happens for a reason with a purpose that serves my best self.

8. I create the life that I have always dreamed of by taking care of my well-being first.

9. I am willing to let fear go and live in harmony with all life, I deserve the best of everything and I have no problem receiving it. I feel gifted and special.

10. I easily and quickly learn the lessons life presents me with, a setback, struggle or failure to me is still a win and a step forward, I feel at ease, happy and confident.

11. I am open to all possibilities and keep an open mind at all times. I feel at ease when in strange situations and believe in my ability to figure things out and win. I feel confident and successful.

12. I welcome freedom into my mind, I am not restrained to anything and can do whatever I want. I feel free and empowered.

13. I’m always in the right place at the right time, success comes easily to me and I feel powerful and gifted.

14. I give thanks continuously as I move through each day, I understand that I am gifted and for that I am humble and thankful.

15. I embrace all change and use it to my higher good, I am an alchemist who can bring success from any situation in life and I am rewarded for it. I feel special and smart.

16. I love and respect myself and that allows me to have enriching relationships, others love and respect me and I love and respect others. I am an amazing person and I am proud of who I am. I feel at ease and powerful.

17. I have a keen capacity to learn new skills that support my success, I am a quick learner and quickly rise to the top of any field which I choose to play.

18. I acknowledge the blessings I have received in my life with gratitude, I feel honored and humbled.

19. I create wealth with honesty and integrity, I feel honored and at ease with my business and everything that I do.

20. The more money I have the more money I can use to help myself and others, I am an excellent steward of money and I feel honored and gifted.

21. My work is always recognized positively, I am unique and my work is the highest quality. I feel honored and intelligent.

22. I speak my words with confidence and conviction. My words are powerful and they bring success to others when shared. I am intellegent and important.

23. I am a happy person who is intoxicated with living, I enjoy life and life is good to me. This makes me feel happy and exhilarated.

24. I excel at whatever I do, I have a positive expectancy and I am known to win. I feel powerful and deserving.

25. I effortlessly achieve my goals every single time. I set high goals and achieve them in record time. I feel powerful, smart, and courageous.

26. I have inner strength, grit, and the confidence to win at whatever I choose to do. This makes me feel powerful and at ease knowing that I can conquer any task.

27. I know how to tap into my highest self and show up every day with gratitude and a desire to serve others.

28. I let go of what does not serve me and I am grateful for the abundant opportunities that life brings me.

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