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Digital Marketing: My Story So Far

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

About a year ago and a couple of years out of school, I decided that it was time to learn a new skill and use it to make some money. In other words, I wanted a side hustle...with one caveat-it had to help others in some way. First, I began my search by identifying my skills: I am personable, excellent with time management, I am tech savvy, creative, and devoted to whatever I am doing at any given time. Right about now, my partner would most likely be shaking her head in agreement while saying, "yep, that's a capricorn for you." Capricorn or not, I am driven, know my limits, and know my results-based processes inside and out.

Once my skills were acknowledged, I started the dive. Another thing you should know about me is that I am pretty much obsessed with keeping up on the latest evidenced based practices that will enhance my life. I truly believe that when I am thriving, my positive energy has a seen and unseen impact on others. Therefore, whether it is my physical, spiritual, mental, and/or emotional health, or where to get the best vegan taco in town, I saturate myself in reviews. I look at everything from peer reviewed journal articles, fitness guru blogs, podcasts of every nature, and literature that taps into topics from ways to be more present, to a harrowing tale of women who defended their homes during WWII. The point that I am trying to make here is that I am all in-I am all into this life and making it great, knowing that the greatest way to do that is to treat others with love, compassion, and support.

This is exactly what I did when determining what type of side hustle I wanted to jump into. I considered real estate, investing in the stock market, selling on Amazon, freelance writing, taking and selling stock get the point. Eventually, after months of listening to entrepreneur podcasts, reading hundreds of blogs, researching recent trends of what industries are booming right now, and getting sucked into numerous YouTube ads, (that for some reason think that yelling "do you want to be rich, fast" while standing in front of lamborghinis and wearing gold chains could possibly work as a marketing technique, is beyond me). Nevertheless, I watched, then immediately would audit each and every "opportunity."

After months deep diving into the many possibilities for a side hustle, I eventually landed on digital marketing, and here's why. I have always has a deep desire, drive, and motivation to do meaningful work. After the devastating year of 2020, I felt like it was time to become active in my community. I have donated money to causes, marched in front of the Capitol, and had countless meaningful conversations, but I want to go even beyond this-it is in my nature. This is where marketing has come into play. It presented itself at the perfect time, much like everything else has on my path.

Right now, there are more small businesses struggling or closing up shop entirely since the last recession. According to The World Economic Forum, “nearly a quarter of small businesses remain closed,” and in Sacramento alone, 33% of its small businesses have closed up shop. This is absolutely devastating. Small businesses are truly the backbone to the economy-without them the world as we know it would end. That sounds dramatic, I know, but think about it...small businesses help to stimulate economic growth, by providing job opportunities and services that would not be possible otherwise. Studies from The Small Business Administration also found that “numbers are even more pronounced for Black and Hispanic owned businesses.” At this point in my research, my call to action began to blind me as I pored over such catastrophic statistics.

This is when my solid decision to become a digital marketing consultant began. As a marketer, my sole job is to increase sales by bringing in customers through increasing positive reviews, boosting a business's online presence on search engines and social media, and to make businesses stand out among their competitors. The ultimate goal is to put money in the pockets of business owners while also boosting their customer satisfaction. The result of a thriving business is a thriving community. I am not going after big businesses, rather, I want to help small businesses in my community. Without a doubt, COVID-19 has had a negative impact on small businesses across the globe, and when looking at the impact in my own community, I see the same disparities. Paired with the growing awareness of this devastation and what my own research has taught me, this is an endeavour I have chosen to embark on and commit to.

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